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   4.09.16 21:50
    Oje, das klingt ja wild.
   4.09.16 23:47
    Eujeujeu..., denke auch,

The first week - a summary

So now it is one week ago, that I arrived here but it already feels like I have been here for months. The registration process is still going on and there is a lot of chaos, but I hope I will get my visa soon. Going into chinese class was a shock. We learned the signs and some sentences but not how to write it in pinyin, so my mouth and my brain were really confused. Sitting next to a swedish girl, whith who I am talking swedish doesn´t help either. Harvey got her first accident today and I got my first experience of going to a pharmacy and talk with hands, feet and my phone. I was successful though. It is a really nice feeling to at least see and read some signs or say "thank you" but it is just the first week, so there is more coming up. The university and the course are very different from Sweden. You really have to sit 3-6 hours after the course and study your stuff. To keep it cool, we are exploring the area around here every night and day. Wudaoko is a very lively area with a lot of interesting bars and shops and weird stuff they sell at night. Next week there are also holidays for 2 days, so I hope we will see more of the city. The weather is still very hot, but I was lucky with the Smog so far - it is still decent. Tonight we are getting to know the club scene in the inofficial orientation week, which seems pretty nice. The official Welcome Day was more like explaining the laws (everything is forbidden) and the laws (there are serious punishments) anf gangfights are forbidden (damn it) We even have to tell them that we leave the country. AAAH another thing...Big Brother is watching you. There are cameras everywhere. On the dormfloors, on the streets, even in the classrooms...it is crazy
9.9.16 13:43


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