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   4.09.16 21:50
    Oje, das klingt ja wild.
   4.09.16 23:47
    Eujeujeu..., denke auch,

Health check verification is making me sick...serious

What is there better to do than standing in line for 3 hours on a sunday at 8 in the morning? That´s what we actually did...to get our health check verificated. I passed the test and was happy. In the afternoon we decided to go out of this campus and finally explore some culture. May I introduce you to "we" aka "The Suicide Squat" --all the survivours of the squat toilets. This includes Darren from Mauritius, Mellissa from Colombia, Chanel and Stacy from the Carrabean, Dean ( Chong Kadei) from China and Harvey from Turkey. Some of us where in a Chatgroup before and Darren and I were absolutely sure, that Harvey was guy....imagine our faces, when we met her the first time and turned out it was a girl... We took the bus to the SummerPalace, which is half an hour away from campus and soooo huge, you need more than one day to explore everything. It was utterly beautiful and the first time I really really enjoyed being in China. Unfortunately the smog was sooo high, that you almost couldn´t breathe. It feels like you are on a construction side and it looks very foggy everywhere ...not niceI could feel it in my lungs already. I really need to buy this mask and in winter it should be even worse...The Summerpalace itself was just awesome. Everything was so beautiful with searoses blooming and chinese architecture. It is my first time in Asia so I felt like walking through a movie. javascript:insertCode('https://my.myblog.de/chrissygoestochina/img/China 2077.jpg','scale');This historical movie turned out to be a horror movie the next morning. My course was supposed to be at 8:30 today...the problem...I didn´t get my schedule yet. Because I am a totally beginner I was sure to end up in the singing and clapping hand course, but no idea when, where and with whom. So I went to the Registrtion center. I was using the same strategie as usual, standing around and smiling looking for help, when the chinese administrator said my health certificate wasn´t valid. I thought I had too much smog and would have halluzinations. Another one hour in line it luckily turned out, he just completly understood it wrong. Chinese bureaucracy is just chaos. Noone has any idea and everything is overbooked. The best advice is to alway take EVERYTHING with you and in best case always have a copy of everything with you - I got used to carry my suitcase around with all that documents...but there I was already late for one hour for my class.When I finally arrived it turned out I missed a lot. I am not sure about the course yet. The teacher stands in front and says something and the whole course repeats it. No grammar...nothing. Maybe it was just the first day...otherwise I will disappear in the smog. The rest of the day I was still stressed out with bureaucracy...I hope I am done soon and get my residence permit soon and then hopefully I will have more time to explore the area around. I was already in a supermarket and a chinese supermarket has 1. everything you can imagine 2. everything you can´t imagine 3. everything you don´t want to imagine --like living turtles in a bowl- a symbol of luck, but this poor creatures just walk helplessly in a very small bowl The next thing I have to try is a snailmask.....sounds weird, but a chinese told me it is really good for the skin. My chinese is really really bad by the way. I know can introduce myself and count a bit, also know the words for beer and Thank you. But my mouth and tongue are not made for that sounds, so Dean (the chinese) always laughs his ass off, when I am saying something. But it was just my first day today.Another thing went crazy yesterday. Even though Summerpalace is crowded with tourists from all over the world. The Chinese went crazy when I turned up. I felt like a celebrity when 30 people turned their cameras on me----NOT NICE Another thing is awesome....I got my chinese name is Ké lí si --which is pronounced Kha-lee-see---- does it ring a bell??? I love it....because there is another guy with the same name ( yes GUY ..his name is Chris) My name is even Kélísi, the first one.....I just celebrate it. The food here is okay. There is a lot to choose and in the student canteen it is really cheap and much. I tried some weird vegetables, but couldn´t eat some weird meat or fish...but maybe that will change with time. I surprisingly manage my chopsticks very well (they are a bit longer than in Europe) Nothing more to tell---keep your fingers crossed that I get through the whole visa processKélísi
5.9.16 16:01


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